A little server description

    2019-07-29 02:49:50

    Rise Of Metin2 - Official

    Is an international server, designed for metin2 true gamers.
    Here's what you can expect from this server :

    - A great gameplay ( New School - PvM Medium ) , you can actually feel the rush of leveling / Getting items / Upgrading / Skills / Quests... But it wont be a pain.

    - Balanced gameplay : You will actually feel the hard work on the different aspects of the server. it was well designed to bring the best of each thing.

    - Definitely not a p2w server such as others. You will have the ability to mall from 1 to 5 stats on site which gives good advantage to all. 

    - Friendly and professional staff, No matter what were the past circumstances, the staff will try to ensure the best experience you would ever try. ( PS: Some things are cannot be easily controlled and some mistakes might happen. But what's important is the act after those mistakes )

    To us , these are the prime priorities to build a good and a professional server. We promise that we will work hard to keep all these features applied.

    And we always keep our promises.

    RiseOfMetin2@keNy - Team Manager , Founder & Owner.

    Best Regards